Day 6: 2nd Group Date




The next day had come along quickly, and as usual, Maddox and the contestants joined in the kitchen so they could enjoy some coffee together. Some of them would talk, and others were quiet. By now, they all knew that Maddox enjoyed sipping his coffee quietly, and would speak once he felt awake. He made conversation with them all once he finished his cup, finally deciding on who he’d take on the group date.



Once Maddox had announced who would be joining him on the group date, he made sure they brought their bathing suits before heading out to the venue. It was a nice day out, and he figured a water park would be a perfect way to have fun during a group date.





Maddox started off by having a small race around the pool with Stefan, wanting to get some exercise. He didn’t have much time to the past few days, and it was nice to get some fresh air while he did. Once they finished their race, Maddox and Stefan chatted while they caught their breath. “Thanks for.. ya know, choosing me again.” Maddox couldn’t help but let out a weak laugh at that between his panting.

“You don’t need to thank me, Stefan. I just wanted to get to know you better. How’ve you been? You know.. being away from home and stuff.”

“It’s been alright. I miss my job, honestly. It’s nice having my sister here, though. I’m just hoping we’ll be alright with each other when this competition is over, no matter what happens.”

“Mm,” The Bachelor nodded thoughtfully and sighed. “I hope so too. I’d hate to be the reason something bad happened between you two.. but based on what I’ve seen, I think you two will be just fine.” He smiled faintly after, before excusing himself in order to go spend some time with another contestant.




Maddox decided to join Christin upon getting out of the pool, seeing her alone at the table. “It’s so nice out today!” The blonde hummed, Maddox not being able to help but smile.

“It is! That’s why I figured swimming would be best.” He explained. “Have you been enjoying yourself this past week?” Christin nodded, her smile bright and infectious.

“This is probably the most fun I’ve had in awhile. My brother ended up being the heir, so I got kicked out- I’m happy not being the heir because, ya know, that’s way too much pressure on me. I just didn’t enjoy being forced outta the house. It’s fine though, cause I’m living with my older brother Cooper. He’s the one that talked me into signing up for the show, actually.” The young blond laughed, her hyperness only causing Maddox to chuckle.

“You’re adorable.” The bachelor spoke, laughing a bit more as he saw her smile brightly and shrug bashfully. “I’m glad he talked you into joining the show, then. It’s been nice meeting you, and I’m glad you’re having fun here.” With that, Maddox dismissed himself in order to speak to another contestant, noticing Skye in the pool.






“Hey!” Maddox heard a voice call out from the water, that voice being no other than Skye’s. She smiled and waved him over, to which the Bachelor happily obliged. Upon stepping in to the water, he immediately was splashed by the brunette.

“Oh, you’ve done it now.” Maddox laughed, immediately splashing her back. The two went back and forth, splashing one another. Maddox couldn’t help but laugh at Skye’s squeals, still laughing when they were done with their shenanigans. “Truce?” He asked the young woman as they laughed, extending his hand to her after.

“..just for now, but it’s war next time we’re in a pool together.” Skye smirked, shaking his hand firmly. They chatted, flirted a bit, and got to know one another more before Maddox made his way out to enjoy a snack with Harper.




Harper and Maddox got their snack and sat at a table together, talking a bit as they enjoyed the food. “I’m hoping you enjoyed it here today. I know that it’s not the same as a beach, but I figured it’s the closest we can get for now.” Maddox smiled. “Plus, as much as I want to try and learn how to surf, maybe we should save that for another day. I’d love for you to teach me.”

The redhead felt her cheeks heat up, and she had to cover her mouth as she laughed. “I’d love to teach you how to surf!” Harper exclaimed, the Bachelor smiling widely. “It’s kind of hard, but I know you’ll get it eventually. It’s the best being out there.. it’s beautiful.” The two of them smiled, Maddox finding it endearing- knowing that Harper was passionate about her hobby. They didn’t take long to finish their snacks and soon the group headed home, showering before heading to sleep- all of them exhausted from the fun-filled day.



Author’s Note: A big thanks to Arrowleaf for helping me a ton with this chapter. If it weren’t for her, this wouldn’t be out today! And another big thanks to the rest of you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Next week is the 2nd Rose Ceremony!