Day 5: 1st Solo Date

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07-17-17_12-48-43 PM

It was time for the first solo date, and Maddox had chosen no other than Emerson. There was still a lot he wanted to know about him, and he knew this would be their one chance to talk without others interrupting. The blond gardener arrived at the venue along side the bachelor, the two of them looking around in awe. Maddox had chosen an outdoor movie theater for the first part of their date, and he certainly didn’t regret that choice as they looked around.

07-17-17_12-55-44 PM

07-17-17_12-57-42 PM

The two chatted somewhat during the movie, simply making comments about what they were watching. They had plenty of time to talk later, and they didn’t want to miss anything during the movie.

07-17-17_1-44-03 PM

07-17-17_1-44-18 PM

The two headed to the nearby bar once the movie was over, deciding to have a drink before they’d go out to eat. “Why’d ya pick me? You could’a chosen anyone else, ya know.” Emerson asked as they enjoyed their drinks. Maddox smiled faintly and shrugged, looking at him.

“Because, there’s a lot I don’t know about you still. I’m curious about you, and I want to get to know you better.” The bachelor replied, his smile growing as he saw the faint blush growing on Emerson’s cheeks. They didn’t take long to finish their drinks, and soon they headed on to the next venue.

07-17-17_1-50-50 PM

07-17-17_1-51-49 PM

Although they hadn’t talked much that day, they both felt comfortable, and couldn’t help but smile at each other every so often. They were enjoying the day, and Maddox was excited to get to know Emerson a bit more during their lunch break.

07-17-17_1-57-52 PM

07-17-17_1-59-28 PM

After they had their meals, the two sipped on some coffee and began to talk. “So I remember you told me how you have siblings- you’re the oldest, right?” Emerson nodded at the question and sipped from his coffee, looking at Maddox after.

“I’m the oldest. Twenty-three, t’be exact.. I got two younger brothers. Alleyne, he’s seventeen, and Gilbert, who’s thirteen. I love ’em both. They’re great.” Maddox smiled as he listened to Emerson, chuckling softly.

“Well, I know who they get it from.” The brunet winked, nudging him lightly. Emerson smiled at that and blushed yet again, hoping it wasn’t as noticeable this time. “Tell me more about them, Emmy. What are they like- their personalities?” Emerson paused to think, smiling faintly after.

“Alleyne is… temperamental, ya could say. But he’s seventeen, so  I don’t expect anythin’ less. He’s a good kid. I love ‘im to death.” Emerson smiled as he thought of his younger siblings, starting to feel a little homesick. “Gil.. I mean, he’s thirteen. He can be a little wild, but I love it. He’s gotta great heart- a real sweetie. Man, he’d probably be embarrassed if he heard me sayin’ that to anyone else.” He chuckled, Maddox laughing as well. “He helps me take care o’ the garden we started at home, and he’s actually takin’ care of it while I’m out here too. I miss ’em.”

Maddox smiled as he watched Emerson ramble on about his siblings, glad he could get to know the other and his family much better. “I can tell. You seem to really care about them.” He spoke softly, Emerson nodding and smiling. “Don’t get too homesick on me, though, alright? We’d.. I’d miss you around here if you left.” The two smiled at that, now both of them blushing. It wasn’t long after that moment that they cleaned up and headed out to the final venue of the evening.

07-17-17_2-05-56 PM

“It’s beautiful here, Maddie.” Emerson stopped in his tracks to admire the scenery, the bachelor smiling as he saw the blond gazing around.

“I figured you’d like it here, all the greenery and flowers.” He explained, gazing and walking around with the blond, hand-in-hand. It was nice having someone’s hand to hold, and simply enjoy the evening with.

07-17-17_2-44-49 PM

07-17-17_2-38-52 PM

The two continued on and ventured through a maze together, taking a break once they reached the center. “Tonight’s been nice, Emmy.”

“I know. I don’t want to go home,” Emerson chuckled, looking at the plants around them. He paused as he heard Maddox speak after, however.

“You know, I’ve never watched the sun rise.. if you’re up for it, that is.” Maddox smirked challengingly, before the two made their way over to one of the benches.

07-17-17_2-48-04 PM

07-17-17_2-48-38 PM

07-17-17_2-51-29 PM

07-17-17_2-52-12 PM

07-17-17_2-53-01 PM



Author’s Note: I really enjoyed playing and writing this chapter. I hope you all enjoyed reading it! Down below is a POLL for next week’s group date! Please select up to 4 sims! It’ll be up for a week. Thank you!



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