Day 4: 1st Rose Ceremony

07-10-17_11-33-25 AM

The day started off as any other day. Maddox joined those who were having breakfast, eating with them, and chatting a bit as well. Though they all knew today was the first rose ceremony, and everyone, including Maddox, was nervous. He’d been kind to them all, and it was difficult telling who he would send home.

07-10-17_11-43-18 AM

Not long after, Maddox lit the bonfire up and the others met him there for the ceremony. The contestants sat around the fire, nervously waiting to hear their name called.

07-10-17_12-22-47 PM

“Christin, I have a rose for you, if you’ll take it.” Maddox called up the young blonde first. Christin felt a wave of relief come over her, and she nodded excitedly as she took the rose. Once she did, she took her seat once again and watched as Maddox gazed over each one of them. He still felt a bit weird about this all, but he knew he’d fall in love with one of these people in the end. That’s all that mattered.

07-10-17_12-27-18 PM

“Emmy, get up here.” The bachelor said with a faint smirk after, handing him a rose. Emerson could only laugh, giving Maddox a hug before he sat back down.

07-10-17_12-18-41 PM

“Will my favorite redhead join me up here?” Maddox chuckled as he saw Harper sigh deeply, clearly relieved. She was quick to get up there and take the rose, heart racing a bit faster from being called Maddox’s favorite redhead. She sat back down after, watching carefully to see who would be called next.

07-10-17_12-30-42 PM

“Stefan, this next rose is for you.” The bachelor rang out, immediately smiling as he saw Stefan somewhat race over to him. The blond put a hand over his chest and sighed deeply after getting the rose, causing Maddox to chuckle. Once he was seated, the bachelor grabbed the second-to-last rose, scanning over the contestants once more.

07-10-17_12-32-40 PM

“And my blue-haired gal, this rose is for you.” Those words were music to Serena’s ears, thankful that she wouldn’t be picked last. She nodded and took the rose, sitting back down before Skye and Kyra stood before Maddox.

07-10-17_12-34-27 PM

Although the two girls were nervous, they knew this was how the competition was going to be. “Thank both of you for signing up for the show. It’s been a pleasure meeting you both, and I hope to hear from whoever leaves even after the show is over.”

07-10-17_1-27-48 PM

“Skye, will you take this last rose?” The brunette smiled at that and happily took the rose, looking at Maddox after. The bachelor smiled at her, before hugging Kyra goodbye.


Author’s Note: The first rose ceremony is done! A big thank you to mintycupcake on The Sims Forums for allowing me to use Kyra. She was great!

In case you’re wondering about relationship points:

07-10-17_12-16-04 PM

This was before the elimination, and the added (Rom) and (Fri) points are:

Harper Collins: 42 points

Skye Baker: 37 points

Emerson Beckwith: 37 points

Stefan Clemens: 36 points

Christin Adams: 28 points

Serena McKay: 28 points

Kyra MacFarlane: 24 points





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