Day 6: 2nd Group Date




The next day had come along quickly, and as usual, Maddox and the contestants joined in the kitchen so they could enjoy some coffee together. Some of them would talk, and others were quiet. By now, they all knew that Maddox enjoyed sipping his coffee quietly, and would speak once he felt awake. He made conversation with them all once he finished his cup, finally deciding on who he’d take on the group date.



Once Maddox had announced who would be joining him on the group date, he made sure they brought their bathing suits before heading out to the venue. It was a nice day out, and he figured a water park would be a perfect way to have fun during a group date.





Maddox started off by having a small race around the pool with Stefan, wanting to get some exercise. He didn’t have much time to the past few days, and it was nice to get some fresh air while he did. Once they finished their race, Maddox and Stefan chatted while they caught their breath. “Thanks for.. ya know, choosing me again.” Maddox couldn’t help but let out a weak laugh at that between his panting.

“You don’t need to thank me, Stefan. I just wanted to get to know you better. How’ve you been? You know.. being away from home and stuff.”

“It’s been alright. I miss my job, honestly. It’s nice having my sister here, though. I’m just hoping we’ll be alright with each other when this competition is over, no matter what happens.”

“Mm,” The Bachelor nodded thoughtfully and sighed. “I hope so too. I’d hate to be the reason something bad happened between you two.. but based on what I’ve seen, I think you two will be just fine.” He smiled faintly after, before excusing himself in order to go spend some time with another contestant.




Maddox decided to join Christin upon getting out of the pool, seeing her alone at the table. “It’s so nice out today!” The blonde hummed, Maddox not being able to help but smile.

“It is! That’s why I figured swimming would be best.” He explained. “Have you been enjoying yourself this past week?” Christin nodded, her smile bright and infectious.

“This is probably the most fun I’ve had in awhile. My brother ended up being the heir, so I got kicked out- I’m happy not being the heir because, ya know, that’s way too much pressure on me. I just didn’t enjoy being forced outta the house. It’s fine though, cause I’m living with my older brother Cooper. He’s the one that talked me into signing up for the show, actually.” The young blond laughed, her hyperness only causing Maddox to chuckle.

“You’re adorable.” The bachelor spoke, laughing a bit more as he saw her smile brightly and shrug bashfully. “I’m glad he talked you into joining the show, then. It’s been nice meeting you, and I’m glad you’re having fun here.” With that, Maddox dismissed himself in order to speak to another contestant, noticing Skye in the pool.






“Hey!” Maddox heard a voice call out from the water, that voice being no other than Skye’s. She smiled and waved him over, to which the Bachelor happily obliged. Upon stepping in to the water, he immediately was splashed by the brunette.

“Oh, you’ve done it now.” Maddox laughed, immediately splashing her back. The two went back and forth, splashing one another. Maddox couldn’t help but laugh at Skye’s squeals, still laughing when they were done with their shenanigans. “Truce?” He asked the young woman as they laughed, extending his hand to her after.

“..just for now, but it’s war next time we’re in a pool together.” Skye smirked, shaking his hand firmly. They chatted, flirted a bit, and got to know one another more before Maddox made his way out to enjoy a snack with Harper.




Harper and Maddox got their snack and sat at a table together, talking a bit as they enjoyed the food. “I’m hoping you enjoyed it here today. I know that it’s not the same as a beach, but I figured it’s the closest we can get for now.” Maddox smiled. “Plus, as much as I want to try and learn how to surf, maybe we should save that for another day. I’d love for you to teach me.”

The redhead felt her cheeks heat up, and she had to cover her mouth as she laughed. “I’d love to teach you how to surf!” Harper exclaimed, the Bachelor smiling widely. “It’s kind of hard, but I know you’ll get it eventually. It’s the best being out there.. it’s beautiful.” The two of them smiled, Maddox finding it endearing- knowing that Harper was passionate about her hobby. They didn’t take long to finish their snacks and soon the group headed home, showering before heading to sleep- all of them exhausted from the fun-filled day.



Author’s Note: A big thanks to Arrowleaf for helping me a ton with this chapter. If it weren’t for her, this wouldn’t be out today! And another big thanks to the rest of you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Next week is the 2nd Rose Ceremony!





Day 5: 1st Solo Date

07-17-17_12-48-25 PM

07-17-17_12-48-43 PM

It was time for the first solo date, and Maddox had chosen no other than Emerson. There was still a lot he wanted to know about him, and he knew this would be their one chance to talk without others interrupting. The blond gardener arrived at the venue along side the bachelor, the two of them looking around in awe. Maddox had chosen an outdoor movie theater for the first part of their date, and he certainly didn’t regret that choice as they looked around.

07-17-17_12-55-44 PM

07-17-17_12-57-42 PM

The two chatted somewhat during the movie, simply making comments about what they were watching. They had plenty of time to talk later, and they didn’t want to miss anything during the movie.

07-17-17_1-44-03 PM

07-17-17_1-44-18 PM

The two headed to the nearby bar once the movie was over, deciding to have a drink before they’d go out to eat. “Why’d ya pick me? You could’a chosen anyone else, ya know.” Emerson asked as they enjoyed their drinks. Maddox smiled faintly and shrugged, looking at him.

“Because, there’s a lot I don’t know about you still. I’m curious about you, and I want to get to know you better.” The bachelor replied, his smile growing as he saw the faint blush growing on Emerson’s cheeks. They didn’t take long to finish their drinks, and soon they headed on to the next venue.

07-17-17_1-50-50 PM

07-17-17_1-51-49 PM

Although they hadn’t talked much that day, they both felt comfortable, and couldn’t help but smile at each other every so often. They were enjoying the day, and Maddox was excited to get to know Emerson a bit more during their lunch break.

07-17-17_1-57-52 PM

07-17-17_1-59-28 PM

After they had their meals, the two sipped on some coffee and began to talk. “So I remember you told me how you have siblings- you’re the oldest, right?” Emerson nodded at the question and sipped from his coffee, looking at Maddox after.

“I’m the oldest. Twenty-three, t’be exact.. I got two younger brothers. Alleyne, he’s seventeen, and Gilbert, who’s thirteen. I love ’em both. They’re great.” Maddox smiled as he listened to Emerson, chuckling softly.

“Well, I know who they get it from.” The brunet winked, nudging him lightly. Emerson smiled at that and blushed yet again, hoping it wasn’t as noticeable this time. “Tell me more about them, Emmy. What are they like- their personalities?” Emerson paused to think, smiling faintly after.

“Alleyne is… temperamental, ya could say. But he’s seventeen, so  I don’t expect anythin’ less. He’s a good kid. I love ‘im to death.” Emerson smiled as he thought of his younger siblings, starting to feel a little homesick. “Gil.. I mean, he’s thirteen. He can be a little wild, but I love it. He’s gotta great heart- a real sweetie. Man, he’d probably be embarrassed if he heard me sayin’ that to anyone else.” He chuckled, Maddox laughing as well. “He helps me take care o’ the garden we started at home, and he’s actually takin’ care of it while I’m out here too. I miss ’em.”

Maddox smiled as he watched Emerson ramble on about his siblings, glad he could get to know the other and his family much better. “I can tell. You seem to really care about them.” He spoke softly, Emerson nodding and smiling. “Don’t get too homesick on me, though, alright? We’d.. I’d miss you around here if you left.” The two smiled at that, now both of them blushing. It wasn’t long after that moment that they cleaned up and headed out to the final venue of the evening.

07-17-17_2-05-56 PM

“It’s beautiful here, Maddie.” Emerson stopped in his tracks to admire the scenery, the bachelor smiling as he saw the blond gazing around.

“I figured you’d like it here, all the greenery and flowers.” He explained, gazing and walking around with the blond, hand-in-hand. It was nice having someone’s hand to hold, and simply enjoy the evening with.

07-17-17_2-44-49 PM

07-17-17_2-38-52 PM

The two continued on and ventured through a maze together, taking a break once they reached the center. “Tonight’s been nice, Emmy.”

“I know. I don’t want to go home,” Emerson chuckled, looking at the plants around them. He paused as he heard Maddox speak after, however.

“You know, I’ve never watched the sun rise.. if you’re up for it, that is.” Maddox smirked challengingly, before the two made their way over to one of the benches.

07-17-17_2-48-04 PM

07-17-17_2-48-38 PM

07-17-17_2-51-29 PM

07-17-17_2-52-12 PM

07-17-17_2-53-01 PM



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Day 4: 1st Rose Ceremony

07-10-17_11-33-25 AM

The day started off as any other day. Maddox joined those who were having breakfast, eating with them, and chatting a bit as well. Though they all knew today was the first rose ceremony, and everyone, including Maddox, was nervous. He’d been kind to them all, and it was difficult telling who he would send home.

07-10-17_11-43-18 AM

Not long after, Maddox lit the bonfire up and the others met him there for the ceremony. The contestants sat around the fire, nervously waiting to hear their name called.

07-10-17_12-22-47 PM

“Christin, I have a rose for you, if you’ll take it.” Maddox called up the young blonde first. Christin felt a wave of relief come over her, and she nodded excitedly as she took the rose. Once she did, she took her seat once again and watched as Maddox gazed over each one of them. He still felt a bit weird about this all, but he knew he’d fall in love with one of these people in the end. That’s all that mattered.

07-10-17_12-27-18 PM

“Emmy, get up here.” The bachelor said with a faint smirk after, handing him a rose. Emerson could only laugh, giving Maddox a hug before he sat back down.

07-10-17_12-18-41 PM

“Will my favorite redhead join me up here?” Maddox chuckled as he saw Harper sigh deeply, clearly relieved. She was quick to get up there and take the rose, heart racing a bit faster from being called Maddox’s favorite redhead. She sat back down after, watching carefully to see who would be called next.

07-10-17_12-30-42 PM

“Stefan, this next rose is for you.” The bachelor rang out, immediately smiling as he saw Stefan somewhat race over to him. The blond put a hand over his chest and sighed deeply after getting the rose, causing Maddox to chuckle. Once he was seated, the bachelor grabbed the second-to-last rose, scanning over the contestants once more.

07-10-17_12-32-40 PM

“And my blue-haired gal, this rose is for you.” Those words were music to Serena’s ears, thankful that she wouldn’t be picked last. She nodded and took the rose, sitting back down before Skye and Kyra stood before Maddox.

07-10-17_12-34-27 PM

Although the two girls were nervous, they knew this was how the competition was going to be. “Thank both of you for signing up for the show. It’s been a pleasure meeting you both, and I hope to hear from whoever leaves even after the show is over.”

07-10-17_1-27-48 PM

“Skye, will you take this last rose?” The brunette smiled at that and happily took the rose, looking at Maddox after. The bachelor smiled at her, before hugging Kyra goodbye.


Author’s Note: The first rose ceremony is done! A big thank you to mintycupcake on The Sims Forums for allowing me to use Kyra. She was great!

In case you’re wondering about relationship points:

07-10-17_12-16-04 PM

This was before the elimination, and the added (Rom) and (Fri) points are:

Harper Collins: 42 points

Skye Baker: 37 points

Emerson Beckwith: 37 points

Stefan Clemens: 36 points

Christin Adams: 28 points

Serena McKay: 28 points

Kyra MacFarlane: 24 points





Day 3: Group Date

07-03-17_11-48-36 AM

07-03-17_12-03-34 PM

The next morning, Maddox woke up before the others in order to make breakfast for them all. Knowing that some of them were vegetarian, he made a simple fruit salad. One by one, the contestants made their way down, the Bachelor greeting them all with a smile.

“As you guys may or may not know, today is the group date.” Maddox spoke up once they were all seated, each of them looking up in anticipation. He chuckled at that, looking at them all before speaking. “Emmy, Harper, Skye, and Stefan. You guys are coming out with me today.” The four of them smiled, others a bit disappointed, but Maddox made sure to chat with each of them before leaving with the others.

07-03-17_12-10-12 PM

07-03-17_12-55-38 PM

Maddox decided on going to a lounge nearby, wanting to be able to chat with each of the contestants and get to know them better, rather than focusing on a specific activity. They all headed to the bar first and got some drinks, before heading off to wander around the place on their own.

07-03-17_12-43-19 PM

07-03-17_12-42-01 PM

“You know how to play?” Harper asked, leaning against the piano. Maddox nodded and smirked faintly, showing her a few tunes he could play.

07-03-17_12-44-03 PM

“I’m not the greatest at it, but I try,” He chuckled. The redhead smiled as she heard that, listening to him play. After a moment, she went behind him and wrapped her arms around him, Maddox feeling his heart race a bit.

“Well, I think you did wonderfully.” Harper said softly as Maddox reached to rub along her thigh, enjoying the contact they had.

“I’ve been practicing since I was about.. ten years old.” The bachelor explained, turning his head slightly to gaze at the redhead.

“You’re really good. I’m glad you still play.. it’s nice to hear. I’d like to hear you play some more songs, sometime.” Maddox turned red at that, but nodded, showing a faint smile. He liked Harper. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he wanted to get to know her better. Though, he soon excused himself so he could talk with the other contestants, not wanting to be unfair and let things go too far before anyone else got a chance.

07-03-17_12-57-40 PM

07-03-17_12-58-27 PM

“Em!” Maddox called out before the blond could disappear, taking him over to a couch outside. The blond smiled as they sat together, gazing at the man beside him.

“Thanks for invitin’ me today.” The bachelor chuckled at that, finding it rather..well, adorable.

“No need to thank me. I enjoy being around you.” He said softly, causing Emerson to blush and laugh gently.

“Well gee, I enjoy being around you too.” Emerson replied, pausing, before he continued speaking. “My siblings would love you, y’know. I have two younger siblings.. I kinda helped my dad raise them. They’re great.” Maddox listened to him ramble on about his family and childhood, smiling through it all. “I missed school a lot, since I was always havin’ to help my dad. I’m not as bright as most people, it seems.”

“That’s not true. You can take care of yourself and others, you seem to be pretty good at gardening, and you love your family. You’re happy. You’ve done a helluva job, if I say so. I think you’re smarter than most people I’ve met… people that are unhappy and rude to others.” Maddox explained, shrugging.

“Ya really think so?” Emmy asked, Maddox nodding, not being able to help but smile as he saw how wide Emerson was grinning.

07-03-17_1-01-52 PM

07-03-17_1-02-06 PM

Soon enough, Stefan came over and asked Emerson if he could have his time with Maddox now. Of course, Emerson didn’t mind and headed off to where Skye and Harper were. “Sorry for the wait. I didn’t realize how long it’d been.” Maddox chuckled, Stefan nodding in understanding.

“It’s fine, happens to the best of us.” Maddox only smiled at that, thankful he wasn’t upset.

“Are you enjoying yourself so far?” Stefan nodded at that and shrugged.

“Yeah- I mean, it’s only been three days, but I’ve had fun so far. It’s kind of like a vacation for me, since I’m always working otherwise.” He chuckled, as did Maddox.

“Well, I’m glad you’re having fun. How are you doing with your sister? Are you guys still alright?”

“Oh yeah, definitely. If anything, I feel like this brought us closer.” Maddox rose a brow at that in confusion, causing Stefan to chuckle. “I know it sound weird, but I feel like we both know what we’re going into, especially if one of us ‘wins.’ We made an agreement in doing this that there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings. I just want one of us to finally be happy.”

The bachelor nodded slowly at that, smiling. “I get what you mean. I hope you both end up happy someday, one way or another.” With that, they all had dinner together, before Maddox headed outside to enjoy some time with Skye.

07-03-17_1-13-41 PM

07-03-17_1-10-59 PM

Maddox had a few drinks during dinner, and was clearly a bit more ‘let-loose’ than usual. He cracked some jokes with Skye that he may have not said otherwise, simply glad to hear her laugh. “I didn’t know you were such a jokester, Maddie.” The bachelor laughed at that and blushed, looking at her.

“I can be when I’m comfortable, I guess.” He said. Now it was Skye’s turn to blush, finding it nice that Maddox seemed comfortable around her.

“Is that why you chose me to go on the group date? Why did you chose the others as well?” Maddox nodded at the first question, though, shrugged at the second.

“I wanted to get to know them more, I guess. They intrigued me. I felt a connection with all of you.” He explained, Skye nodding at that and smiling faintly. There wasn’t much more to talk about, so they simply laid back on the couch together and looked up at the stars.

The group date was fun, and Maddox was glad he chose the group of people that he did. They were all fun to be around and get to know, and he knew he wanted to get to spend more time with each of them someday.


Author’s Note:

Thank you all for reading! Since the next chapter is the rose ceremony, I will display the relationship points after one person is eliminated. Since I had a lack of updates, I will try my very hardest to do the rose ceremony sometime this week! I hope you enjoyed this update. 🙂

Day 2: Speed Dates

06-12-17_1-23-55 PM

Maddox sat in a room waiting as the contestants got ready, unsure of how things would go. Today, he’d be able to have a few moments with each contestant and get to know them as much as he could within the time frame. It seemed fun, but he hoped he wouldn’t waste any time or make things awkward. As he thought of questions for each one, he soon was distracted by the sight of Kyra walking in.

06-12-17_1-21-45 PM

06-12-17_1-22-00 PM

“Hey!” Kyra chirped as she sat down in the chair beside Maddox’s, the brunet smiling at her.

“Nice to see you again, Kyra. So, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” Maddox started off with, a smile still present on his face.

“Oh, sure! Well, I just graduated from university and would like to use my degree after this and start as a Code Monkey, but until then, I’ve started posting videos on Simtube.” She began, Maddox nodding to show he was listening. “I also have a roommate, who tried to get into the competition as well. His name is Jagger.”

Maddox chuckled softly and relaxed in his seat, finding it a bit easier than it seemed. “Well, I’d love to see some of the videos you post, someday. And, you know, maybe I’ll still meet Jagger someday.”

Kyra grinned at that and nodded. “I’m sure he’d love to meet you.” Their time was up after that, and the next contestant was sent in.

06-12-17_1-44-49 PM

06-12-17_1-45-35 PM

“Hey, Emmy.”

“Mads,” The blond waved as he walked over to take his seat, Maddox smiling at the nickname. “Nice to see you.”

“It’s nice to see you too. Tell me a bit about yourself,”

“Huh, well.. I like to garden.” Maddox rose a brow at that and chuckled, clearly not expecting a man like Emerson to have such a hobby, but he liked it about him nonetheless. “It’s one of my hobbies, at least. It’s nice to get your hands dirty sometimes ..and to see something as small as a seed grow and blossom into something big and beautiful. It shows me that hard work does pay off, you know?”

Maddox nodded in agreement and smiled at Emerson’s enthusiasm, finding it charming. “Yeah, I get what you mean. Well, you’re more than welcome to plant some things around here. It would liven the place up a bit.” The blond nodded in agreement before their time was up, and now it was Serena’s turn.

06-12-17_1-51-00 PM

06-12-17_1-51-06 PM

Just as when they met, Maddox couldn’t help but look at Serena’s bright blue hair. “Hey,” She said as she walked in, Maddox waving.

“It’s nice to see you again.” Serena smiled at that and sat down, Maddox continuing. “Alright, do you mind telling me a bit about yourself?” She shook her head and smiled, getting comfortable in her chair.

“Well.. I love the outdoors and art. I’d prefer going camping than going out somewhere in the city.” The brunet nodded at that and let her continue. “And I love going out to the woods and maybe painting or drawing.. those two things are my passion. I don’t like being in the city for very long since it wears me out..but I try to not let it bring me down. My brother lives there, and I wouldn’t want to be far away from him. Did you know he tried getting on the show as well?” Maddox shook his head and chuckled faintly.

“No, I had no idea. I only know about the seven of you living here. Maybe I’ll meet him someday,” Serena smiled at that before being told that it was time for the next contestant and she said goodbye to Maddox.

06-12-17_1-59-03 PM

06-12-17_2-00-04 PM

“Maddie!” The redhead grinned as she walked in, causing Maddox to smile just as big.

“Nice to see you too, Harper.” He chuckled, gesturing to the seat. “Come, sit down.” Once she did, Maddox smiled. “I actually have a different question for you than I asked the others. So, if you don’t mind me your tattoos have any meaning behind them? I see they’re all ocean-themed.” Harper couldn’t help but to appreciate his kindness and curiosity, nodding.

“I don’t mind at all. Actually, they’re for my parents.. you see, when I was nineteen, they died in an accident. They were great parents. We spent a lot of time together at the beach since it was my favorite place.. I joined a swim team when I was a child and won a lot of competitions. Instead of sulking over my parents’ death, I wanted to get something that would always remind me of them. These tattoos have things inspired from the beach, as you mentioned, and my parents’ favorite flowers. I know they wouldn’t want me to be sad for the rest of my life, so it reminds me to keep my head up and keep doing what I love.”

Maddox smiled faintly at that and leaned over to give Harper a hug as he noticed the tears in her eyes, pulling away once she had composed herself. “They’re stunning tattoos. I’m sure your parents are very proud of you, Harper.” The redhead smiled widely at that, a bit disappointed as she was told it was time for the next contestant.

06-12-17_2-03-16 PM

06-12-17_2-03-18 PM

“Hi!!” A high pitched voice rang out upon stepping in, and Maddox quickly realized it must of been Christin. She didn’t exactly have an inside voice, and she tended to be playful from what Maddox had noticed. He didn’t mind it though.

“Hello, Christin.” As she took a seat, he smiled and looked at her. “Tell me about yourself.”

The young blond nodded and shrugged. “Well, I have two older brothers. Charles was chosen as the heir, so that means I got kicked out.” She laughed softly. “So, I moved in with my other brother, Cooper! He’s actually the reason I’m on the show. He convinced me to sign up. At first, I wasn’t sure. I mean, I’m still young and all! I wanna have fun, you know? But then I figured, why the hell not! Falling in love can be fun, right?”

Maddox simply laughed after a moment, finding her high-energy and out-look on life somewhat childish. It was cute. “Yeah, I suppose it can be. I’m not sure. That’s why we’re both here,” He chuckled, shrugging. Christin got up now, as it was time for the next contestant.

06-12-17_2-05-46 PM

06-12-17_2-06-56 PM

“Maddox, what’s up?” Skye asked as she took a seat, The Bachelor shrugging and laughing gently. “Nothing much. How do you feel about your brother being on the show with you? You know, I never would’ve guessed that you were siblings.” Skye smiled at that and nodded.

“We get that a lot. We don’t really look alike because we have different mothers.” Maddox nodded after, now understanding. “I like him being on the show, though. I don’t like being away from him. We really have each other until I was fifteen, so I don’t want to lose him again by being away from him. Though, I know only one of us can win.. so I hope everything works out for the best.” Maddox smiled, finding their relationship endearing.

“I’m glad you have him as well, then. If anything, I think this competition will only bring you guys closer together.” Maddox responded, Skye nodding in agreement before she left so her brother could now join.

06-12-17_2-25-34 PM

“Hey Maddox!” The final contestant of the day spoke as he walked in.

“Stefan, nice seeing you! I hope you didn’t mind the wait.” Stefan shook his head and smiled.

“It wasn’t too bad.” Maddox smiled at that, nodding.

“That’s good. Why don’t you tell me about yourself? And how do you feel about your sister being on the show?” Stefan nodded at that and placed his hands on his lap, leaning back in his chair.

“I’ll tell you now that I love food. I could eat it all day. I’m also a business man, and I work at a company where I hope to someday be a CEO. “And I like to think of myself as outgoing and confident.” Stefan smiled, causing Maddox to chuckle softly. “As for my sister.. at first, our relationship was very rocky. My parents divorced when I was ten years old, since my father had an affair, which caused Skye to be born. I was upset with her, since I was young and didn’t realize it wasn’t her fault. She came to my house one day about five years ago, her mother had died and she had no one. So, I let her move in, and we’ve been close ever since.”  As Stefan finished, Maddox smiled a bit and nodded.

“It’s nice that you two could work things out and be there for one another when you needed each other most. I’m sure you’re glad you did. Skye seems like a great person, and I’m sure she got it from you.” Maddox said, causing Stefan to blush and smile, nodding in agreement after.

06-12-17_2-27-50 PM

06-12-17_2-28-17 PM

Since Stefan had been the last speed date, Maddox enjoyed dinner with all of the contestants before he went off to his room in order to enjoy some alone time. As much as he enjoyed talking to them sometimes, doesn’t everyone need time alone? As he went to bed, Maddox decided just who he’d take on the group date for the next day.


Author’s Note: Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Here are the relationship points after today. (In case you are wondering, I did 2 “Get to Know,” for the friendly actions. For romantic, I did 1 “Ask if Single” action and  1 “Flirt” action with every single contestant. The rest of the points are from them being on free-will after the speed dates.

06-12-17_2-35-35 PM






Day 1: Ladies and Gents

Maddox stood in front of the large building as he waited for the contestants to arrive. He hadn’t seen any pictures of them beforehand, in order for his first impressions to be genuine, rather than form any pre-conceived ones. As he saw the first contestant walking up, he looked her over once, before waving.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Kyra McFarlane,” She introduced herself, Maddox offering a faint smile. “But, you can just call me Kyra.” Maddox chuckled softly at that and nodded. “I’m Maddox. It’s nice to meet you as well.” He spoke softly before pointing to the doors behind him. “Why don’t you head inside? Once everyone else is here, I’ll join.” Kyra nodded and parted ways, waiting in the living room.

Maddox couldn’t help but smile as he saw the next contestant. He wasn’t sure exactly what his ‘type’ was, but this guy definitely met some of the credentials. “Hey. I’m Emerson.” The blond spoke casually, making Maddox feel a little less tense about this situation. “You can call me Em, though. Emerson is too formal.” Maddox laughed at that and nodded. “I’ll keep that in mind. You can head inside and join Kyra.” Emerson smiled at that and nodded, heading in as Maddox instructed.

As the next contestant walked up, Maddox’s eyes went straight to her blue hair. It was hard to look at anything else, but he definitely liked her spunkiness. “I’m Serena!” She said right away, causing Maddox to chuckle. “It’s nice to meet you Serena. I’m Maddox. Join the others inside, and I’ll be there once the others are all here.” Serena nodded, smiling as she walked away. It was hard being away from her brother, but she hoped that this was worth it.

Seeing all of the tattoos on the next contestant somewhat thrilled Maddox. He had a couple of his own, and of course, wanted more someday. He wouldn’t have guessed that she had so many if she had long sleeves on. “Hey, I’m Harper.” Maddox nodded and waved, grinning. “It’s nice to meet you, Harper. I love your tattoos,” He added, the redhead chuckling in response. “Thank you.” Maddox lingered for a moment in the comfortable silence before pointing to the doors. “Head inside with the others and I’ll join you all shortly,”

“I’m Christin Adams!” The blond said excitedly as she walked up to The Bachelor, Maddox chuckling at her enthusiasm. ” “It’s wonderful to meet you, Christin. Head inside and I’ll meet with you all once the others are here.” Christin smiled and met with the others, seeing as they were all introducing themselves to one another.

When two contestants came walking together, The Bachelor was clearly confused. Skye smiled at that and quickly explained, stepping forward. “We’re brother and sister,” Maddox couldn’t hide his reaction, eyes going a bit wide before he chuckled. “Oh,” is all that came from his mouth before he introduced himself. “Well, it’s nice to meet the both of you. I’m Maddox, and you are?” He asked, the brunette smiling. “I’m Skye. It’s nice to meet you,” She stepped onto the porch after so The Bachelor could talk to her brother.

“I’m Stefan,” The blond introduced himself, Maddox smiling. “It’s nice to meet you, Stefan. Why don’t we head inside? The others are waiting,” He replied, Stefan nodding in agreement.

Once inside, they all joined in the living room. They’d all gone off to explore the big house, and met there once they heard Maddox head inside. Kyra offered her seat to Maddox since she had been in there first, and knew he must of been tired from standing. “It’s been nice talking to you all, and I’m not sure about any of you, but I’m starving.” They all nodded in agreement, and Maddox cooked up a quick meal for them all in the kitchen. It was a nice way to end the day, before they all headed to bed.

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